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"The only limits are the limits of our imagination. Dream up the kind of world you want to live in. Dream out loud. At high volume. That’s what we do for a living."




Fleischmann International Trophy competition - Cork

  • 2nd prize;


XXXIV Državno zborovsko tekmovanje Franchino Gaffurio - Quartiano

  • sacred polifony section (historic program): golden prize, 89,29 points;
  • first prize in the sacred polifony section (historic program);
  • sacred polifony section (monographic program): golden prize, 96,1 points;
  • first prize in the sacred polifony section (monographic program);
  • 3 special prizes for the performance of Salve Regina (Mikola Kocsar);
  • special prize for the best conductor to Mateja Černic.


13th International Choir Contest od Flanders - Maasmechelen

  • 3rd prize


2nd Internationa Choral Competition Ave Verum - Baden

  • silver award 
  • best repertory
  • audience award

Special award in occasion of the Slovenian Culture's Day

The award was given by the cultural associations SSO and SKGZ for the choir's numerous achievements. 

Presentation of the 3rd CD Čas Tempo Time.


30. Concorso Polifonico Nazionale "Guido d'Arezzo" 2013

  • 1st prize at the national choir competition (180/200 points)

61. Concorso Polifonico Internazionale "Guido d'Arezzo" 2013

  • 3rd prize in the renessaince music category
  • 4th prize in the female choirs category

Young Prague 2013

  • Gold Level and The Winner of Girls Choirs Competition
  • Special Award for Creative Dramaturgy


National competition Naša pesem 2012, Maribor (SLO)

  • The prize for a debuting conductor won by Mateja Černic

Festival internacional de musica de Cantonigros (ES)

  • 2nd  place among female choirs


National Competition “Trofei citta di Vittorio Veneto”, Vittorio Veneto (I)

  • First prize ex aequo in the category of folk song (9/10 points)
  • First prize in the category youth choirs (9,6/10 points - the highest score of the competition)


European Music festival for Youth, Neerpelt (B)

  • First prize summa cum laude at the European Music Festival for the Young People (the highest award of the competition)
  • First prize in the category of girls' choir (99/100 points)
  • Second prize in the competition among 112 choirs


International Competition “Slovakia cantat”, Bratislava (SK)

  • Golden award and first prize ex-aequo in the category of girl’s choirs (27,33/30 points)
  • Golden award and second prize in the category of folk songs a cappella (27,04/30 points)
  • Special prize for the best conductor in the category of girl’s choirs (Mateja Černic)

Regional Competition for Children and Youth Choirs,  Nova Gorica (SLO)

  • 91 points and first prize cum laude
  • Special Award for Best Programme
  • Special Award for Best Folk Song
  • Special Award for Best 20th century Piece

Review of Selected Small Vocal Groups, Radovljica (SLO)

  • Special award for original selection of programme

Regional Competition for choirs and vocal groups, Postojna (SLO)

  • Golden Prize tof Postojna Town in the Category of Maiden’s choirs (85,66/100 points)
  • Golden Prize of Postojna Town in the category of Small Vocal Groups (82,33/100 points)


International Competition “Citta di Rimini”,  Rimini (I)

  • Silver Award of Rimini Town (84,8/100 points)
  • Third prize in the category of chamber choirs


Regional Competition “Corovivo”, Trst (I)

  • Award with Distinction




  • Bodečenežno, september 2011
  • Stabat mater, december 2011


23 nov

Kulturni dom

Branik, Slovenia

at 20:30

03 nov

Palazzo Vivante

Trieste, Italia

at 18:00

21 sep

Kulturni Center Lojze Bratuž, Viale XX settembre 85, 34170, Gorizia

Gorizia, Italy

at 20:30



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