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" Music in the soul can be heard by the universe."

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The girls choir Bodeča Neža was established by singers who wished to continue the experience they had had in the Children choir Vrh sv. Mihaela from San Michele del Carso, which is a small, small village on the Slovenia-Italy state border, Province of Gorizia.

From  2004 to 2007 the group consisted of 7 singers and was directed by prof. Marja Feinig. From 2007 when  Mateja Černic started this exciting conducting jurney the group has developed in number and quality. Bodeča Neža now has 20 singers.

“Bodeča Neža” in Slovenian language is the name of Carline, a typical Karst flower, that has an interesting oxymoron (sharp - soft) installed in the  name: it carries an interesting duality, which perfectly suits the character of the singing group.

The choir operates in Italy in the province of Gorizia, and is a member of the Slovenian minority in Italy. Its mission is therefore broader in nature: in addition to the cultivation of choral music at a high level (vocal) education of young singers aim for the existence and spread of Slovenian culture and tradition of singing both in Italy and in Europe. As representatives of lingual and cultural minority they also pay tribute to the social environment in which they live and, in addition to the European and world-class music Slovene music works are constant in their repertoire, Including Slovenian and Italian composers, with special attention laid on composers who live in their culturally mixed area, demonstrates the effort to attribute value to the environment in which this unique combination of two different cultures co-exists.

The vocal group is very active member of cultural life of the Slovenian minority in Italy. Since its foundation it has often performed at local choir festivals and in Italy, and  as well in Europe. Inside Slovenian minority there are several choirs that focus on preservation of the tradition of Slovenian singing. But Bodeča Neža makes a difference: it managed to grow all the way from a small vocal group to one of very best European choral ensembles.

At the International competition “Città di Rimini” in October 2008 the choir won the third prize in the category of chamber choirs. At the International music festival Slovakia cantat 2009 it was awarded two golden diplomas: in the category of youth choirs it won the first prize and in the category of folksongs a cappella the second prize. It  won the absolute first prize at the regional competition in Nova Gorica (Slovenia, 2009) and  was awarded  two special prizes. In  2010 Bodeča Neža took part in Neerpelt, at European Music festival for Youth and recieved First prize summa cum laude, First prize in the category of girls` choirs, the highest score of the competition,  First prize in the category of girl’s choir and Second prize in the competition  among 112 choirs.

In 2011 je won two first prizes in Italian National Choir Competition Vittorio Veneto in two categories: folks songs and youth choirs, and won absolute first score of the competition (9,6/10). In 2012 the choir achieved silver prize in female choir category in National competition Naša pesem in Maribor. The conductor Mateja Černic won the prize for a debuting conductor. In July 2012 the choir achieved 2nd  place among female choirs in International Music Festival in Cantonigros, Spain.

In the last years the choir has been recieving many invitations to different international choir festivals and competitions .In  2011 the choir was an invited guest at International Choir Festival Singing together in Haague, in 2012 they attended International Choir Festival Incontro polifonico Città di Fano, in 2013 got an invitation to international choir competition in Filipines.

Singers of Bodeča Neža take part in different music projects in the home region, such as operettas productions, several projects with Youth Philharmonic Orchestra Alpe Adria, they essentially contribute to different important slovene cultural events in Italy. The choir has established regular collaboration with recognized vocal instructors (Nina Kompare, Tatjana Vasle). In 2013 the focus of the choir is on their own project with Mateja Černic and three guest conductors (Mirko Ferlan, Urša Lah, Ragnar Rassmussen).

In  2011 Bodeča Neža issued their first CD Bodečenežno and the second CD Stabat mater (Pergolesi), in collaboration with Youth Philharmonic Orchestra Alpe Adria.


23 nov

Kulturni dom

Branik, Slovenia

at 20:30

03 nov

Palazzo Vivante

Trieste, Italia

at 18:00

21 sep

Kulturni Center Lojze Bratuž, Viale XX settembre 85, 34170, Gorizia

Gorizia, Italy

at 20:30



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